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;rolls his optics; Hello, Blades. Wipe that grin off your face, why don’t you?

Grumpy gills. ^sticks glossa out and puffs^ Didja just call me in here to be grumpy with me?

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;grumbles to self before pinging the door open for the other mech;

^perks rotors and shuffles on in, grinning^ Hi!

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hotheadfiretruck replied your post Okay, Ill be over in just a second! Everything alright?

No, everything is not alright. You try dealing with a self-absorbed, arrogant human for twelve hours straight and tell me if everything is alright.

Heatwave, I think you’re overreacting a little bit.

^amused sound, oh look who’s tapping at the door now^

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hotheadfiretruck inquired: "Blades. I need you to come to my quarters, right now."

Okay, I’ll be over in just a second! Everything alright?

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